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Special Dreams Property Management

Additional services

Special Dreams Management can provide a variety of extra services for your guests.

Many of these may need to be booked in advance, but can be paid locally upon arrival.

  Welcome Packs  
  All welcome packs supply enough for up to 8 people  
  Larger parties should order extra packs to suit  
  Standard  $65   Luxury  $100  
  Half gallon 1% Milk
Half gallon Orange Juice
1lb White Bread
1lb Spread
12oz Bacon
12 Medium Eggs
Corn Flakes (12oz Box)
2oz Jar of Instant Coffee
100 Pack of Tea Bags
1lb Sugar
10oz Jar of Strawberry Jam/Jelly
  Half Gallon of 1%Milk
Half Gallon of Orange Juice
1lb White Bread
1lb Spread
1lb Bacon
10oz pack of Sausage links
12 Extra Large Eggs
Corn Flakes (12oz Box)
2oz Jar of Instant Coffee
100 Pack of Tea Bags
1lb Sugar
8oz Medium Chedder Cheese
10oz Strawberry Jam/Jelly
7oz Deli Roast Beef
7oz Deli Turkey Breast
7oz Deli Ham
2 Bottles of Soda
Boxed Juice (Capri Sun - 10pack)
Chips (11oz Regular)
Cookies (1lb Box)
Frankfurters (8oz Pack)
  * These items can be specified choices, otherwise standard as above  
  Items for Rental (+Sales Tax)  
  Per Week Extra Day  
  Cot / crib    $  55.00    $    7.00  
  Highchair    $ 55.00    $    7.00  
  BBQ (inc. gas)    $  75.00    $    9.00  
  Stroller    $  35.00    $    5.00  
  Rollaway Bed    $  55.00    $    7..00  
  Wheel Chair    $  65.00    $    7.00  
  Extra TV    $  75.00    $    6.00  
  DVD Player    $  45.00    $    5.00  
  VCR    $  45.00    $    5.00  
  All rentals are for a minimum 7 day rental charge.  
  Prices includes delivery to and collection from your home.  
  Other Services  
  In-house (mid-stay)  clean Prices vary according to the size of home -  
  please see the section Our Charges  
  Airport Meet & Greet   (This is NOT a Taxi Service)  
  From Orlando International $65 each way  
  From Sanford International $95 each way  

If you or your guests have any other requests we will do our best to help - just ask!

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