Our Services

Special Dreams Management arranges to set up all utility accounts – electric, water, gas, phone, cable TV – and ensures that all bills are paid in a timely manner, unless other arrangements have been made. To allow us to set up these accounts we have to provide the utility companies with a Limited Power of Attorney which has been notorized by a notary public and signed by you. We also require a copy of your passport for positive ID.


Cleanliness of your home has to be the number one consideration. After all, it’s no good spending thousands of dollars on buying & decorating your new home if it’s dirty when the guests arrive – they certainly won’t want to come back! Our policy is that every home should be spotless for every guest. When your guests vacate the home our team of cleaners will ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned. This will include cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, washing and replacing bed linen and towels, emptying fridges & freezers and disposing of trash. Our keen eye and attention to details ensures that we include baseboards, fans, windows and light fittings in this cleaning process. A full spring clean is recommended at least once a year, depending on the amount of ‘traffic’ through your home.

Pool Maintenance

The pool is just as important as the inside of the house – who wants to jump into a dirty pool? Our licensed pool man visits every week, without fail. He checks the chemical balance & adds any chemicals that may be required, he sweeps the pool & cleans the filter and removes any surface debris from the water. And finally, he hoses the deck to ensure that your total swimming and sunbathing experience is perfect!

Lawns & Landscaping

How would you feel if you pulled up onto your driveway to be greeted with a lawn that had forgotten what a lawnmower looked like & weeds threatening to take over residence of your hallway? It’s all very well having the best pool & the cleanest house but first impressions count! Our landscaping contractors do a great job! Their service includes lawn cutting, edging, strimming & weeding. This service is necessary on a weekly basis during the summer months, when the sunshine & rain makes everything grow at a considerable pace. However, during the winter months it all slows down, so the lawn cutting is reduced to every 2 weeks. During this time it allows the men to catch up on jobs like pruning & extra weeding, replacing dead plants & shrubs and re-mulching – so your ‘yard’ stays in tip-top condition all year long. You will be advised if there are any jobs that require extra costs to you before we allow them to proceed.

Pest Control

Florida has a sub-tropical climate and attracts all kinds of bugs & pests. Your house is treated by licensed Pest Control Contractors to ensure that these pests don’t ‘pester’ you! Once every 3 months they visit your home and spray chemicals on the baseboards in every room. This attracts the bugs to the surface & then kills them! This service is guaranteed, so, should there ever be an increase in pests in the home during that time they will return, at no extra charge, and take care of the problem.

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